Rapid Environment Editor

URL: http://www.rapidee.com/

Version: 5.1 build 754

A long time has passed since the first testing, and many versions. I see all the issues I mentioned then are now solved, and many nice new features added.

Verdict: A very, very good program!! A true pearl!


Version: 3.2 build 564

Unlike RedfernPlace Path Editor, this is usable. Still, there are some similar design flaws:

This one switches to edit mode with F2 and with the context menu, but not with a click on a selected item (RedfernPlace Path Editor can do this).

I can read the value, the expanded value, the short path, the long path! Nice! But I can not copy them. Why? I do not know in what development environment the program is created, but it is probably just a click away: to enable coping from a label (make it selectable), or even just – not to disable it! If a software creator is not sure whether a user will want to copy/select the contents of a label, and there is no reason why that would be undesired, wouldn’t it be wise to just let him do it?!?!?

And a bug:

I tried File/Backup and it said it can not load my profile. (And I have administrative privileges, just in case you wonder.) When I chose another profile (I chose administrator this time), there were no more complaints. How silly. And I didn’t even want to backup the user environment, only the system environment, and only the PATH variable.

Verdict:  Rich on features. Some flaws in design and functioning.

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