FREE Hi-Q Recorder

version 1.92

When some software makes me pissed off, I use this pages to rant and lament.  But, I also sometimes write positive reviews;) Today is time for a negative one.

What is advertised as a free program is actually a stripped down version of Easy Hi-Q Recorder. Immediately upon start you are faced with the nag screen: You are offered a discount to buy a full version. If you don’t close this window, and instead go directly to options, you end up with 3 windows open (the main window, the nag window and the options window) – all frozen. I had to use the task manager to kill the program.

Verdict: The mark would be 1, but since I did not try to actually use the program I can not exclude the possibility that it has some good points I’m not aware of. So, let it be 2, just in case.

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