version: lite

I tried to work with Opera and Firefox bookmarks.

+ Works very fine with Opera bookmarks.

–  But not that fine with Firefox bookmarks:

  • Import: Didn’t recognize folders, tags, keywords.
  • Export: In help ( it says that: “The only way to export Firefox 3-22+ Bookmarks from Linkman is to export them in the format of Firefox 2 (Bookmarks.html) first and then import manually into Firefox 3-22+.” Hmm, not so good. And, what seems like an excuse why it could not be done better, there is another sentence immediately above: “Firefox 3-22+ does not allow write access to its database while it’s running.” Big deal, you might think, let’s close Firefox and do it, right?! But, that’s not all: It’s not true! The write access is allowed while Firefox is running.


Tidy Favorites

version 5.1 free

The installation program offers to install the new 5.1 version that works online or the old 5.0 (also free) version that works offline. I chose offline because that’s what I was looking for.

The 5.0 installed but does not work properly:

I tried to import Firefox bookmarks, but the import process would break immediately.  The import of IE favorites seemed to work. But where they are? The page that opens in browser when I choose “Show Favorites” from the tray icon menu ( is always blank.


If the old version does not work, please don’t offer it for installation.