ePub Reader


It says:
– Version: 1.0.1
– Size: 5.1MB

but dowloaded is only a cca 300 kb exe. When you start it does not allow you to install the program without installing some third party webbrowser toolbars. I cancelled the installation procedure.


Release Date:     April 01, 2008

Has a bunch of more or less useless features.

Adds the DMEXSize column to the Windows Explorer that is of type text and prints sizes in human readable format. The consequence of this is that it can not possibly be sorted properly. This column is also of course tremendously slow, like any such column that calculates the folder size would be. And if you try to turn it off, it just comes back over and over again. The uninstall was simply the only way out.

Memeo AutoSync


I was talking to a friend. I claimed that it is very hard to find a decent sync software. He said I should try Memeo AutoSync. And I did, just to see that it is just another crap.
I made a sync plan with 2 folders (on 2 computers) that were already synchronized: names, timestamps and file contents – everything was equal. But Memeo AutoSync started to copy files from one folder to another. I was already worried that it could mess something up with my files, and impatient. But I decided to be patient and to wait a while. I just thought it was over, but then it started to copy in the opposite direction! That was too much for me. I stopped it. And uninstalled it immediately, and for good.

WaveLab LE 7

I bought Zoom H1 and got Steinberg WaveLab LE 7 with it. So I tried it. But it was not worth it. It takes ages to install because of some obscure licencer, than it takes long to start, the interface tries to look nice but offers nothing special, and than it occupies almost all of my (Pentium M 1.4 GHz) CPU just to play a wav. My CPU might be old and weak, but Audacity has no problem with it. For the same job Audacity needs only a few percent of CPU. And it’s free and open source. Bravo Audacity! Thumbs down for WaveLab LE 7 :(

verdict: obviously no point using it on older computers. what about new and powefull ones? is it more efficient there then Audacity? or the CPU resouirces there are just so abundant that they may be wasted?


version 0.8b3 (20110223)

One of the few WYSIWYG HTML editors for Linux. One of the even fewer that have split view.


I could not even enter the title for the page. I tried to do it in source view and it just did not want to accept it. Stubbornly it kept the title tag empty (<title />).

If one document is open and you want to open another from the site manager, nothing happens. You must first open a new window or close the existing document.

I added something in source view and could not save. Only when I closed the document of window, it offered me the option to save.

Verdict:  Just ten minutes of using is enough to understand that it is simply – unusable.


Zvuči dobro:

  • može raditi s sqlite, s mysql ili bez ikakve baze
  • jednostavan…

Ali kad sam ga instalirao:

  • veli da ne može naći sqlite3 pa je umjesto toga ponudio i napravio sqlte2 bazu
  • veli da nek izbrišem install.php i install1.php, a on je to već napravio…
  • izbacuje neke warninge…

Ma zaboravi!