WaveLab LE 7

I bought Zoom H1 and got Steinberg WaveLab LE 7 with it. So I tried it. But it was not worth it. It takes ages to install because of some obscure licencer, than it takes long to start, the interface tries to look nice but offers nothing special, and than it occupies almost all of my (Pentium M 1.4 GHz) CPU just to play a wav. My CPU might be old and weak, but Audacity has no problem with it. For the same job Audacity needs only a few percent of CPU. And it’s free and open source. Bravo Audacity! Thumbs down for WaveLab LE 7 :(

verdict: obviously no point using it on older computers. what about new and powefull ones? is it more efficient there then Audacity? or the CPU resouirces there are just so abundant that they may be wasted?

FREE Hi-Q Recorder

version 1.92

When some software makes me pissed off, I use this pages to rant and lament.  But, I also sometimes write positive reviews;) Today is time for a negative one.

What is advertised as a free program is actually a stripped down version of Easy Hi-Q Recorder. Immediately upon start you are faced with the nag screen: You are offered a discount to buy a full version. If you don’t close this window, and instead go directly to options, you end up with 3 windows open (the main window, the nag window and the options window) – all frozen. I had to use the task manager to kill the program.

Verdict: The mark would be 1, but since I did not try to actually use the program I can not exclude the possibility that it has some good points I’m not aware of. So, let it be 2, just in case.